TMG in London - January 2015

This year's GB-trip took us (ten students and two teachers) to London for four days. After a safe flight we stayed at a nice hotel at Shepherd's Bush Road. We each used our Oyster Card, but also did a lot of walking around swinging London. One of the highlights was a visit to the University College of London where we were shown around the campus and told what it needs to apply to and be accepted at a British university.

tl_files/tmo/bilder/faecher/englisch/england/London 2015/London!.jpg tl_files/tmo/bilder/faecher/englisch/england/London 2015/Parliament with Big Ben.jpg

tl_files/tmo/bilder/faecher/englisch/england/London 2015/Tower Bridge.jpg

tl_files/tmo/bilder/faecher/englisch/england/London 2015/Changing of the Horseguards.jpg tl_files/tmo/bilder/faecher/englisch/england/London 2015/Marble Arch.jpg

tl_files/tmo/bilder/faecher/englisch/england/London 2015/Tower of London.jpg tl_files/tmo/bilder/faecher/englisch/england/London 2015/Vertreterinnen 10.jpg tl_files/tmo/bilder/faecher/englisch/england/London 2015/Victoria Memorial.jpg

alle Fotos von Adriana :-)